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Ransomware attacks

“Successful” Ransomware Attacks are totally UNNECESSARY. Come on people!

This stuff drives me nuts and I do not apologize for the following post.

This post may come across as harsh to some. But sometimes the world is a cold, calculating place and we all need a harsh dose of reality to get on track.

Do not fall prey to crooks who are attacking your computers. Do not do it. Why? Because you do not have to. Crooks (that is what they are) using the WannaCry Ransomware locked up some data, right? They won’t let you have your data back unless or until you pay them money, right?

Good data backup

However, what if you had an exact copy of all of your data tucked safely away from the crooks? When you have data that is backed up, you will not need to pay a ransom to get your data back now, would you? You could just access your data from your backup, right? Easy peasy.

Easy peasy fix

In light of this global attack known as the WannaCry ransomware attack, here at DTS InfoTech, once again, for the umpteenth time we are shaking our heads in disbelief that companies are still being victimized by this because it’s such an easy thing to prevent in the first place. Easy? Yes! Easy.

Here is how you can protect this from happening to your company

Don’t bury your head in the sand – As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with about one hundred clients in our stable of companies we take care of, we have conversations all the time with our customers about the importance of backing up their data in a safe place. If you are the type of person who thinks, “A ransomware attack will never happen to us” the only thing I can tell you is this, “Don’t bury your head in the sand!” You need to get your head out of that dark place and respond appropriately to protect your data and thereby protect yourself. If you do not, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you do not protect your data, it won’t be anybody’s fault but your own. You will not be able to blame it on crooks, or the federal government, Donald Trump, or your IT guy. It will be your fault, period. End of story.

Maintain your computers – This means keep them up to date with the latest software updates that are available. In this WannaCry attack, it was widely successful when attacking computers that were NOT kept up to date. Here at DTS InfoTech we updated all of the systems we maintain last March. None of our clients has been impacted by the WannaCry attack. Not one.

Let me reiterate: in the five days since the WannaCrypt attack NOT A SINGLE ONE of our clients lost a single file!

Back up your data locally and to the cloud – If companies have data backed up that is kept in a secure location, even if your systems become infected, you can easily access your data off good backups. This means you pay nothing, zero, and nada to the attackers to get your data back because you already have your data; just go get it.

DTS InfoTech Can Help
We’re really good at this data backup thing. We are and I have never said that in a public post, but seriously, we are. On the other hand, most small businesses do not have the technical resources to understand all this geek stuff. If this describes you, we can help. First, you will have to take your head out of the sand. Just saying.

If you would like more information please give us a call, we’re always happy to chat and the call is free!

Dedicated to your success,
Wally Moore
General Manager and Compliance Officer
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Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are world-wide.

Ransomware attacks from hackers are taking control of computer networks on a truly global scale. These criminals are locking up files stored on computers and demanding money to un-lock the infected computer so the rightful owner can get their files back.

Usually you hear about these types of attacks on large companies, like Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. But it’s not just the big computer networks that are attacked, it can even be a small local church in your community. Sadly it’s true.

What type of person would do this?

Seriously? Hold a church captive for $570.00? A crook that’s who.

What type of person would come after a small business like yours?

A crook that’s who.

Small and Mid-Size Business (SMB) are particularly vulnerable

Crooks know most SMB’s do not have the internal technical resources, time, or money it takes to protect their computer networks. Period. They know it! And that’s exactly why they attack.

Does this describe your company?

Are you lacking the technical expertise, time and money to protect yourself?

What does ransomware actually look like?

Well . . . we’re not going to show you! But we are passing along some tips on how to protect yourself from our friends over at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This is how they describe what a rasomware looks like:

“Your computer screen freezes with a pop-up message—supposedly from the FBI or another federal agency—saying that because you violated some sort of federal law your computer will remain locked until you pay a fine. Or you get a pop-up message telling you that your personal files have been encrypted and you have to pay to get the key needed to decrypt them.”

3 ways to protect your company from attack

No company is 100% safe against hackers. But there are things you can do that will give you the best chance against a ransomware attack. The best advice we can give you is this:

  • Make sure that you don’t click on links, or download attachments, that aren’t 100% legitimate
  • Make sure you have good a business class antivirus software and you update it regularly
  • Make sure that you have data backups. You should have three copies on two different kinds of media and preferably one in an alternate location, such as a secure cloud-based data storage facility

Sound a bit much?

We understand if doing all of that sounds like a bit much for small businesses. That’s why you should call DTS InfoTech for expert advice and service on protecting one of your most valuable assets you own: the data you have stored on your computers.

Need some help?

Do you need some technology help in your business? Would you like to work with a technology company that is dedicated to servicing small businesses?

Give us a call at 503.359.1275. We’re always happy to chat!

Dedicated to your success,

Wally Moore
General Manager & Compliance Officer
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