Windows 10. Should I upgrade? Or should I wait?

Windows 10. Should I upgrade? Or should I wait? Now that Windows 10 has been out for a while we want to address that question. But before we begin we must have full disclosure here.

DTS InfoTech is a Microsoft Partner and we really like their products. Personally, and professionally we’ve used them for a long time. We recommend Microsoft products over other commercially off the shelf software (COTS) that is available on the market today.

We’re excited about Windows 10. We think it’s another good product. But (you knew one was coming) there is a caveat in all of this . . .

Windows 10 will contain a few bugs and glitches that are sure to cause all of us some grief.

You can be sure that this new version that launched on July 29th has been extensively tested, but in all the years we’ve been in the computer business, we’ve NEVER seen a new software program that had no issues. New software ALWAYS has issues so you can be sure there’s going to be some issues with Windows 10 as well.

So if anything you’ve just read gives you pause, we would recommend that you wait awhile. Yeah, we said that. Wait awhile. Let the bold ones among us who know no fear upgrade and experience the errors that are sure to come. Then, after Microsoft fixes them, the rest of us can feel a little more secure knowing that we won’t experience as much grief.

Bottom line?

Our opinion is that Windows 10 is a reasonably stable product. However, there is no rush to take advantage of the upgrade. It remains free for most retail and OEM (pre-built system) customers through July 2016.

Many of our customers who have upgraded have found things not working on their systems and at this time we’re recommending our clients do not upgrade until Windows 10 has been out at least 6-9 months.

So there you have it. Our thoughts, based upon experience, about an upgrade to Windows 10.

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Wally Moore
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