Business Associates (BA) not complying with HIPAA.

Business Associates (BA) not complying with HIPAA is our 6th post on the subject of The History of HIPAA.

In this post we’re addressing the risk BA’s are taking by not complying with HIPAA.

We’re also providing links to stories of “small” BA’s that have been fined by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), for failing to comply with HIPAA compliance.

OCR = Enforcement

As we stated in our last post, for many years after HIPAA became the law of the land, it was not enforced. HIPAA was known as a paper tiger. It had no teeth and the medical community by and large did not implement HIPAA. But that’s all changed. Now, the saying, “it’s not your father’s HIPAA” truly reflects recent and dramatic changes to the almost 30-year old law.

So what does enforcement look like?

Story telling is the most powerful way to convey an idea. The following stories convey the truth that “it’s not your father’s HIPAA” better than any blog post could.

Business Associates cause 40% of HIPAA breaches.


The HIPAA Journal reports:
“During the first quarter of 2013, 40% of all HIPAA breaches involving the exposure of PHI that affected more than 500 individuals were the result of the actions of business associates of HIPAA–covered entities. The problem appears to be growing, as over the previous four years BA’s caused 30% of all reported HIPPA security breaches. This fact has not been missed by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

BA agreements likely a bigger target of 2015.


FierceHealthIT reports:
“Ex-OCR lawyer David Holtzman notes that there are more than 6,000 HIPAA privacy and security rule complaints and compliance reviews under investigation in an article at HealthcareInfoSecurity. He predicts more high-profile enforcement actions in 2015.”

OCR attorney predicts spiked in HIPAA fines.


FierceHealthIT reports:
“The OCR has said that when it resumes HIPAA audits this fall, the investigations will have a narrow focus and there will be fewer onsite visits. Meites told the American Bar Association that the OCR still has to decide which organizations it will select for an audit from a list of 1,200 candidates–800 healthcare providers, health plans or clearinghouses–and 400 of their business associates.”

Strong enforcement message about compliance . . .

“We will continue to identify and bring to resolution high impact cases that send strong enforcement messages to the industry about compliance,” she said. “These types of cases can include the lack of a comprehensive risk analysis and risk management practices, ignoring identified threats and hazards to systems containing electronic protected health information, and insufficient policies and procedures, and training of workforce member.”
Director Jocelyn Samuels
Office of Civil Rights
March 21, 2013

Real life stories say it so well and that is this: if you think the OCR will never pay you a visit because you’re small business associate, you better think again.


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