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Debi Mollahan

Working with DTS InfoTech to get our computer network at the Tigard Chamber, optimized and backed up daily has been a huge blessing.  As CEO, I feel like the guy Dave in the Staples commercial, I get to wear all the hats including IT support.  Thankfully, DTS InfoTech has relieved my burden of worrying about whether my computers are backed up and up to date.  I know that if something major happened, I would not lose my critical financial, marketing and other sensitive information/documents.
DTS InfoTech’s willingness to respond to requests for assistance beyond this contracted work has been great.  I’ve run into a couple of issues that we couldn’t resolve and they were able to remote in and fix my issue and in one case made a site visit.  Their prices for the one-off as well as monthly backups/updates are reasonable and their service is stellar.  I trust the integrity of this business.
As an example, we needed a solution where we could share and view calendars for our small 2 person office, critical to know where the other person is and whether they can take a meeting.  Instead of going with what I thought I needed which was to install a server and implement Microsoft Exchange ($$$), DTS InfoTech found us a hosted solution with Microsoft Outlook 365 that meets these needs for a very affordable price ($).  It only took Dan a couple of hours to get us transitioned on our work desktops and laptops and then he gave us detailed instructions for loading the solution on our other mobile devices.  They could have made more profit selling me what I thought I needed, but instead gave me what we really needed that fit better with our budget; just one example of their integrity.
DTS InfoTech works well with a customer who is somewhat tech savvy, but needs their expertise for making sure their network works and is backed up, and understands the price constraints of a small non-profit.

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