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What sets dts apart as a trusted technology partner is the way we sit down with you, hear the problems that you’re going through and listen to the struggles you’re facing.

We listen. And that’s why our company is different, and how we help deliver IT peace of mind to our customers.

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Marie Xavier

Having DTS InfoTech assume responsibility for our IT functions has allowed me to focus on our core businesses and not our computer system. We were in a state of crisis when DTS InfoTech took over our network.  I know there are a lot of people out there running businesses, like I am, who worry about spending the company’s money on things they don’t really understand.

In the past, IT expenses fell into this category for me.  Before DTS InfoTech, our IT costs escalated rapidly and I always felt like I was paying the IT guys to fix problems they had created.  Now we have a trusted partner in our corner.  DTS InfoTech helps me see the whole picture.

I am given enough information to make good decisions and I don’t have a hopeless feeling anymore when it comes to the state of our network.  We are out of ‘break/fix/emergency mode’ thanks to Dan and Ben at DTS -- which offers me a huge peace of mind.  Looking back over 2012 and the many decisions that were made, teaming up with DTS InfoTech was certainly one of the right decisions; we should have done this sooner.  We are spending less and getting more.  What business operator doesn’t want to be able to report that to their Board?

Thank you DTS, for all your help, support and a job well done!

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Whether you’re an IT professional or a business executive, we know you face many technology challenges on a daily basis – from cloud computing, server virtualization and desktop management to regulatory compliance, data security and IT support. dts|infotech can take the burden of IT management off your shoulders, giving you back IT peace of mind.

dts|infotech IT services and IT solutions provide “always on” availability to everything from individual desktops to your entire network, enabling you to focus on more strategic goals that grow your business.

We have the resources to support all your IT needs, from hosted desktops, virtual servers, VoIP and encryption to data center services and full IT support, while also giving you the personal attention you deserve and the scalability your business requires.